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Partner: CPA Firm

The accounting business is tough. How do you differentiate your offering when providing the same advisory and accounting services as every other accounting firm? And you continually hear about the value of data analytics in improving your operational efficiencies as well as protecting your clients from fraud, waste, and abuse.  Do you build out your firm’s own data analytics capabilities?  Where would you get the expertise? At what costs? And with what tools?


That’s where CTRLmatters comes in. We provide an analytics solution that protects your clients’ enterprises for a low monthly subscription fee. By becoming a CTRLmatters Partner, your firm can earn an additional revenue stream by assisting with client onboarding alongside first line support. And you can differentiate your accounting services by integrating CTRLmatters Health Checks into your current reporting regime. You can also drive increased advisory revenue by providing support to your clients in addressing control weaknesses discovered by CTRLmatters. 


For your audit practice, CTRLmatters-for-Audit provides a “per enterprise” subscription model so your firm can differentiate and improve the coverage of your audits while reducing the operational costs associated with your engagements.  


Improve your client’s financial operations protection, increase your firm’s revenues, and reduce your operational expenses: explore what a CTRLmatters partnership can do for your firm.

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