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  • Mike Gassewitz

Keeping One's Pledge

I am proud of our offering and the unique value we are bringing to all types and sizes of enterprises. And I am also proud because I kept a pledge that was made 3 years ago. In 2018, I had the opportunity to sharpen many of my skills by taking a 6-week full-time advanced management program. One of the most impactful professors was Youngme Moon (Strategic Marketing - Harvard School of Business). Nearing the end of the course, Professor Moon asked us all to stand up, raise a hand, and pledge: “I shall never price a product or service that ends in the numbers 99.” Her point was simple: have confidence in your value. Do not play tricks or practise armchair behavioural psychology. A great lesson learned and a pledge that I continue to honour.

Last week the team made the decision to post the pricing for our financial operations protection platform. In this business analytics space, most vendors and service providers tend to allude to some pricing but emphasize the need for in depth discussions and consulting. They offer a myriad of options and typically charge per user, per analysis or analytics module.

With our goal of democratizing the value of operations protection analytics, we know we need to make the pricing simple, transparent, and easy to understand. And that is exactly what we’ve done. We now have a pricing tool on our website where you can enter your organization’s number of employees and previous year’s revenues, and the tool provides your monthly subscription fee. That price includes all the analytic modules, onboarding, and an unlimited number of users. And that fee is also very low. As we say on our website, “when we say we’re 1/10th the cost – we mean it”.

Mike Gassewitz

CEO and Founder



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