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A Proven Process

CTRLmatters is based upon a multi-step process designed to ease onboarding and provide comprehensive risk assessment coverage.

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We leverage financial data captured by the ERP, and other select systems of your organization

Our extraction process delivers step-by-step extract generation and automation to simplify and secure "ERP-agnostic" data onboarding without requiring direct access to your systems

Our ingestion engine normalizes and maps your data for downstream processing.

Analytics is the genesis of CTRLmatters. A growing suite of hundreds that leverage heuristics alongside machine learning techniques.

The decision engine utilizes cross-analytic processing to identify incidents and risks, and to define the actions to remediate weaknesses in your control infrastructure. 

Plain language reports communicate the incidents, risks, and actions necessary for remediation. No searching through reams of graphs and tables for actionable results.

"The analytics were thorough and delivered great insight. They increased the level of protection for our operations.  The team's expertise was apparent as they worked with our IT team to access the correct data for the analytic process"

Wendy Moritz

Internal Audit Supervisor

Benjamin Moore & Co.

The Analytics Suite

Our analytics suite is REACTIONARY to control breaches and PREVENTATIVE in identifying the actions needed to remediate the causes of these breaches. Our success is driven by identifiable, actionable and value driven recommendations.  


  • Accounts payable and vendor management

  • Accounts receivable

  • Financial monitoring

  • ERP overview

  • Human Resources

  • Payroll

  • Procurement cards

  • Travel and expenses

  • Contracting

  • Customer management


  • Control weaknesses

  • Operational errors

  • Lost capital

  • Opportunities to increase
    cash flow

  • Immediate fraud risk and activities

  • Anomalies and unusual transactions

"Your analytics have been a foundation to our ongoing monitoring efforts, and we continue to build them into our operations"

Dylan Edgar

Director of Internal Audit

Department of Canadian Heritage

Government of Canada

Data Security

We recognize the value and sensitivity associated with your financial information. Our data security solution is built on a best-of-breed foundation: Microsoft Azure. 

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A foundation that adheres to security controls for:

  • ISO 27001, ISO 27018

  • SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3


CTRLmatters utilizes an enhanced multi-tenant architecture. Tenancy is not only for access but also for storage.  Your enterprise's financial data remains yours - stored in your tenant.  We process it but never retain it.  All data is encrypted at rest. Network connectivity and application access is secured with SSL certificates. Certificates and keys are secured with Azure's Key Vault. And all data access is monitored with security telemetry using Azure's Monitor, Application Insights and Activity Log capabilities.   ​

Financial Data

CTRLmatters has worked with major ERPs and other sources of financial operations data to protect all types of enterprises.  Don't see yours below?  Connect with us.  We have a proven onboarding methodology which includes quick and easy data extraction and mapping. A methodology that only comes with decades of experience.   

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